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curly cut by Priscilla

Curly Cuts

Proper preparation for your curly cut is important so your stylist can see your hair in its natural state to achieve the best cut possible

1 to 2 weeks before appointment 

-Detox/ Clarify  to remove product residue

- Stop usage of oils, butters, heavy styling creams, and silicone containting products

How to arrive to your appointment 

-Please arrive with a *wash and go style

- Hair will need to be DRY  and DOWN for the haircut

- Refrain from using clips, hair bands, pins, hair wraps, and anything that would cause creases or dents

*Wash and Go Style

- Wash/ clarify

-Condition  + Detangle

-Style if desired with water based products

- Air dry or diffuse 

IF you have any questions on how to prepare for your appointment or what products are ok just give us a call! Failure to arrive to appointment with your hair prepared for the dry curly cut could result in additional fees such as detangling fee which requires more time or may need to be rescheduled.

Curly Cuts by Priscilla

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