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Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatments


Keratin is a protien in skin, nails, and hair.

It leaves the hair due to heat, sun, protein damage, or chemically.

Restoring keratin makes hair strong and smoother by filling in holes in the hair. 


Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

-up to 5 months smooth hair-

- blocks humidity

-repairs damage


-blow dry time reduced

-cumulative results

Curl Enhancing Treatment

-lasts up to 3 months-

-requires no heat

-softness & shine

-makes hair stronger

-zero downtime

-preserves curl pattern

-made with keratin, oils, butters, & amino acids

Keratin Express Blowout Smoothing Treatment

-lasts up to 6 weeks-

- can do as a spot treatment (bangs/ front) or whole head

-environmental frizz

-1 hr or less treatment

-cuts down styling time

-cumulative results

-makes hair stronger


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